MAX SUPPLY: 100M (100.000.000) $AMBIT
$AMBIT token emission rate will be deflationary, reducing the amount of $AMBIT/day issued by the protocol as rewards by 20% every 90 days. This event is an analogy to bitcoin “halvings”, and has the purpose to encourage early adoption. The token emission is planned to run for 7 years, after that time no more $AMBIT tokens will be minted.
We are planning to do a fair distribution of the tokens and the largest $AMBIT holders will own less than 2% of tokens.
Yield Farming / Staking Rewards: 15% of $AMBIT supply will be used as rewards on the different vaults, NFT Staking, and other protocol rewards.
Airdrop: At launch of the $AMBIT token, we will airdrop 5% of the $AMBIT supply to users across different communities, protocols and initiatives. Details on how to claim the airdrop will be published at launch.
Initial Liquidity: An initial deposit of 80% of $AMBIT tokens supply will be placed into a AMBITSwap Liquidity Pool for the AMBIT/BNB pair. This is to make sure there is enough liquidity for users looking to purchase the token on launch.
Treasury: 3% of $AMBIT Supply will be the Treasury used for grants, marketing activities, and other costs that can be incurred in the future.
Founding Team: 2% of $AMBIT Supply will be minted for the Founding Team during the 7 years minting process.